What are Top 5 React Native App Development Tools?

It's very confusing for a businessman, especially if they are inexperienced or devoid of deep tool knowledge to choose the best React Native app development tool. 

One of the biggest reasons for the popularity of React Native is that it allows application developers to craft tempting UIs, and makes it easier for a JavaScript developer to create native mobile apps. Whether you want to develop an iOS or Android app, the immense support of React Native smoothens the app development process, which means no need to hire separate developers to write across the different mobile platforms. 

It also reduces the cost and time spent over the whole app development due to its speed and efficiency, which makes it a perfect choice for application and web development. 

However, using the right tools with React Native can add more to its benefits. That’s why you must know the best tool for React Native application development. 

Although there are innumerable React Native tools to boost the speed of application development, we have prepared a list of the 5 most reliable React Native tools to develop a mobile app. So, pick considering your specific needs in mind. 

Top 5 React Native Tools for Mobile App Development


Nuclide, a famous open-source and free React Native tool is created as a single package on the top of Atom. This tool comes with hackability and the support of a huge community of developers who are always ready to help others. It also has built-in support for Flow. 

It also contains inline errors, jump-to-definition and auto-complete features. Nuclide is a creation of Facebook and was developed in 2015. This React Native tool has a set of services like Remote and JavaScript development, built-in debugging, hack development, mercurial support, task runner, working sets, and so on.


Atom is an open-source and free text editor; this React Native tool is highly famous for its hackability and simple approach. It was built by GitHub and launched in 2014.  Atom readily supports Linux, Mac, and Windows. 

Apart from that, it also makes it possible for you to choose many open-source packages to add more features and functionality. The services consist of cross-platform editing, an in-built package manager, multiple file navigation by means of a single window, custom designs, and themes. 


Expo is a very helpful toolchain for a React Native app developer. This toolchain was created by Expo. it provides many features like documentation, community forums and a Slack community. 

This tool offers you many React Native components, an Expo SDK library, and APIs for both platforms; iOS and Android.



The biggest reason for considering Redux the best React Native app development tool is that it provides live code editing and a time-traveling debugger. It allows you to craft apps that can run in different environments like front-end and native platforms. 

It is considered the best companion of React.js and view libraries. Redux was developed by Andrew Clark and Abramov. 


Flow is a very famous React Native programming tool, which is well-known for static typing. It was released by Facebook in 2014. And it has offered fast, trustworthy and simple coding since its development. 

This top React Native app development tool is open-source. Flow provides solutions such as real-time feedback, simple integration, customizable JavaScript and type inference. This React Native for application development monitors mistakes in the code using static typing annotations. 


Here, We told you about the top 5 React Native app development tools. And our list of the 5 best React Native application development tools consists of Flow, Nuclide, Atom, and so on.